Bridging The Bay - 5/27/1937

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The modern day bridge's functionality has become a quintessential part of everyday life for people living on the coasts. It's on this very day the Golden Gate Bridge formally opened its streets to travelers. San Francisco and Marin's cities celebrated this bridge's architectural beauty and modern victory. The Golden Gate was constructed from January 1933 to May 1937, and has been appointed after the narrow strait which marks the entrance from the Pacific Ocean.  

Strauss waged a 16-year effort to convince cloudy city officials and competitions of this job. When the Golden Gate eventually opened, Strauss gushed: "The bridge that could not and should not be constructed, which the War Department wouldn't allow, which the rocky foundation of the dock foundation wouldn't support, which might not have any visitors to justify it, which might ruin the beauty of the Golden Gate, that couldn't be completed inside my costs estimate of $27,165,000, stands before you in all of its majestic grandeur, in complete refutation of each attack made upon it." On May 27 by 6 in the morning, 18,000 were lined up on both San Francisco sides and the Marin.   The Golden Gate was the world's greatest suspension bridge. However, during construction there were plenty of obstacles that arose, the positioning of this bridge itself is in extreme close proximity to this looming San Andreas Fault, which travels from north to south throughout the San Francisco Bay region. Additionally, the waters that were the narrow strait posed a severe danger for submerged construction work which was needed to complete the bridge. Engineer Joseph Strauss has been the guy behind the design, also in charge of the construction.

At the hour that was specified, a successful foghorn blew and the toll gates opened. Pedestrians were excited to be the first to cross the bridge that is magnificent. A majority of schools, offices, and stores were shut, and the day was declared "Pedestrian Day." The bridge opened for motor cars, the following day. The bridge was proclaimed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt open and working into the planet, and by the day's close, it had been grabbed by over 32,000 cars. In its 70 decades of operation, nearly 2 billion vehicles have crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.

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