Fist Bumping With Bus-driver Goes A Long Way

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You may have heard the other twin of Austin Coppola, of Ty Coppola, a high schooler who refused to participate without his brother, who also has Down syndrome in his high school graduation ceremony. It turned out to be a happy end for his brother along with Austin. His wish came true and that he got to walk Ty, along with his brother, to receive his diploma. This has been a story that gets the capacity.

It brings a smile which was something he looked forward to every single day. However, it's been 3 years since that emotional ceremony, along with Ty Coppola, the, still walks for his college, Holy Childhood, located in Rochester, New York. It is. Aside from the things in life like, fist bumping, Reynolds took the time at becoming acquainted with him and had humorous conversations with Ty. They spoke about family his college and his life. Small discussions that meant so much to Ty. He loved Reynolds and always talk for his loved ones about him. "Rather, he senses things about the way people treat him if its eye contact, a handshake or even a predator bulge" Michael explained. He understood that though some people today mean well, they discover that it's hard to communicate with Ty. Until this afternoon, Michael has issues in communicating with his or her son. Ty has restricted communication abilities and has trouble creating usual conversations, but he is effective at letting people know what he desired.

One day, Ty's school and the Coppola's surprised Reynolds with a party. His family and ty had written a special letter to Reynolds to commend and thank him for creating a enormous difference in the entire world of Ty, and spending some time. It broke the family's heart to understand that Reynolds will retire in February 2016 and they stated that Reynolds is irreplaceable, and there'll never be another incredible driver like him. "I wanted Scott to know how much he meant, and how can I state he in 10 seconds in the morning once I watch him? 'you meant a lot. Thank you a lot and have a nice life?'" Coppola explained. "That wasn't enough. I didn't need everything he did to be taken for granted. He wasn't only a bus driver."

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