Georgia Police Officer Feeds A Person In Need

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Back in 2015 Joan Cheever was fined $. She was not the one. Back in Florida, you can get fined for feeding the homeless. You might have heard of Arnold Abbott, 90, World War II veteran, who obtained fined $500 to be kind to the displaced by consuming them. That was sufficient to spark a nationwide outrage amongst citizens.

Relieved that the negativities and the shooting of Michael Brown, apart from that, left Ferguson unrest currently or whether and enclosing police brutality, police officers have good intentions in keeping the public safe. That was sufficient to break Lord's heart. He came out armed with a pizza and a bottle of water and immediately went to a convenience store. Lord continued to stay and talk some more with the ailing man. He had been seized squatting with a man and having a conversation with him. After conversing for some time with him, he noticed that the man sat down to the sidewalk and had no energy, after struggling to the bus stop. Considering that the bad press on how heartless some police officers can be, Cpl. Brandon Lord of this Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department, has demonstrated that, despite being a police officer, you can likewise be an individual being. "I sat next to him to be able to ease his discomfort," said Lord. "He had been trying to grab a bus to get to Wal-Mart, but he had been weak and every time that he attained a bus stop, the bus had already left." Not a lot of us would have known that feeding the displaced was actually a crime. "A policeman pulled my arm and said, 'Drop that plate at the moment,' like it had been a gun." Said Abbottsaid He didn't know that distributing food was a violation.

"I helped him with food and drink but he helped me by making my day." Stated a humble Lord. After the man was feeling a bit better, Lord drove the stranded man to Walmart, that was where he headed into the first place and went yet another distance. Philip Soukup was the bystander who published it on Facebook and captured the experience. He did it to show to others that police officers still exist. It had been the tiny act of random kindness from such unsung heroes that altered civilian's head of police officers. Hardly found act of gestures like these are rare to find.

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